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Aims and Assessment


 Arcimboldo Librarian
This module examines the dynamic communications culture of Renaissance and Early Modern Italy, and particularly the development of printing technology. It considers questions such as:

› Did print cause a "revolution" in the lives of most Italians?

› How did print interact with manuscript and oral media?

› How did changes in communication precipitate cultural, social, religious and political change in the Italian peninsula?

› How did authorities such as governments and the church seek to manipulate, control or promote communication?

› How important was printing in the cultural movement of the Renaissance?

› How did print change who owned and controlled information and knowledge?

Comparative elements in the course (particularly looking at France, Germany and England) encourage students to think about the wider European history of print and its part in the history of early modernity. The module will also familiarise students with examples of printed texts, images and archival material from the period.

The module contributes to the single honours BA by allowing students to deepen their knowledge about Early Modern Italy and the history of communication, building on themes highlighted in the core modules "Europe in the Making, 1450-1800 (HI113-30)" and "Venice in the Renaissance (HI3G9)" as well as other option modules.


  • Oral participation/engagement (10%)
  • 1500 word essay (10%)
  • 3000 word source based essay or equivalent (40%)
  • 3000 word essay (40%)

For details of examination and assessment, please see: