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Europe in the Making 1450-1800 (HI113-30)


This 30 CATS module is strongly recommended for first-year single-honours History students and available as an option for first-year joint-degree students. For 2019/20 only, the module is also available as an option to all second-year students.

This module aims to provide students with:

  • Knowledge of the different ways in which Europe and the Early Modern Period more generally were conceived in the past and by historians.
  • Knowledge of key terminology from the period and historiography of the period.
  • Encourage students to reflect upon notions of European identity in the past and present, and how historical concepts of ‘Europe’ and ‘Europeans’ form contemporary ideas about these concepts.
  • Understanding the encounters between Europeans and non-Europeans, and the relationships between them.
  • Development of skills in using library resources (including short loan, journals, electronic, and online resources), seminar communication (listening and talking), seminar preparation and managing own learning, and group work.
  • Application of knowledge and skills that have been learnt to the analysis of historiographical debates.