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Aims, Objectives, and Assessment

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop study, writing and communication skills.
  • To develop a critical understanding how social movements come into being and the relationship between ideas, social action, and changing attitudes to gender.
  • To develop an awareness of methodological questions about the relationship between intellectual, social, oral and cultural history.
  • To develop the ability to employ a broad range of primary and secondary historical sources alongside theories of identity, subjectivity and political agency.


Sample Essay Questions

  • Can British feminism be described as a ‘secular’ movement?
  • To what extent do the ‘sex wars’ of the 1980s have their roots in nineteenth-century feminist debates on sexuality?
  • Did first wave feminism ‘benefit’ from British imperialism?
  • How can historians assess the impact of feminism on wider social attitudes?
  • What were the problems of ‘universal sisterhood’ in the Women’s Liberation Movement?
  • How innovative were the activist practices of the Women’s Liberation Movement?
  • To what extent have feminist historians re-defined the discipline of history?