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'The Troubles' Northern Ireland, 1968-99 (HI385): Bibliography

Web Sites
The following include some primary sites with links to many more sites and sources:
This is a superb site which we will be using a lot throughout the course. It contains copies of original documents relating to the course and also has chapters and articles on various aspects of the ‘troubles’ from different viewpoints. I would suggest that you spend some time becoming familiar with this site. It will be invaluable to you in your essay writing.
Other websites that might prove useful are: This gives you access to all Irish parliamentary and senate debates from 1922. This gives you access to all of the Northern Ireland (Stormont) debates from 1921-1972.
All of the main political parties have their own websites, as do the newspapers.
The Royal Historical Society has a searchable bibliographic site that will allow you to search out historical publications relating to Ireland.
General Bibliography
There is a vast literature on Northern Ireland. In order to come to grips with some of the issues we will be discussing I suggest that you read the following texts for background and context.
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Elliott, Sydney and W.D. Flackes, Northern Ireland: A Political Directory 1968-1999 (Belfast, 1999). This is excellent if you want a synopsis of events or you need specific information on an organisation or individual.
The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing vols. 1-3 (Derry/New York 1991) contains a considerable amount of material on Northern Ireland. The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing: vols. 4-5, Irish Women’s Writings and Traditions (Cork/New York, 2002), contains whole sections on women in Northern Irish politics and society.
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