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Withdrawn Module: 'The Troubles' Northern Ireland, 1968-99 (HI385)

northern_ireland_map.jpgPlease note that this module was
available until 2016 but has now been
 withdrawn and is no longer available.

Tutor: Professor Maria Luddy

This undergraduate final-year Special Subject module examines the historical background to the recent conflict in Northern Ireland, and explores the social, economic and political context of 'the Troubles' drawing on both secondary and also a wide array of primary sources including government reports and legislation, memoir materials and autobiographies, newspapers and film. We will examine the ideological basis of unionism and nationalism and interrogate constructions of national identity. We will explore how their treatment by the new state was the major formative experience for Northern nationalists; the emergence and developments of the civil rights movement, the rise of paramilitary organisations, the role of women within nationalism and unionism, the representation of 'The Troubles' in the media, together with assessing the role of the police and security forces. The place of political prisoners and the impact of the hunger strikes on local and national politics will also be examined. We will analyse the iconography in republican and loyalist murals, and explore issues surrounding parading. We will assess the Good Friday Agreement of 10 April 1998 and evaluate the peace process and the contribution made to that process by individuals, community groups, political parties and national leaders.