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'The Troubles' Northern Ireland, 1968-99 (HI385): Assessment, Contact Hours, and Learning Outcomes

Methods of Assessment

The assessment for this undergraduate final-year Special Subject module is determined by whether or not the student will be basing a Dissertation (HI32F) on the module:

  • For students who are not basing a Dissertation (HI32F) on this module: a two-hour exam and a 4,500 word essay
  • For students who are basing a Dissertation (HI32F) on this module: a three-hour exam

For details of examination and assessment, please see:

Contact Hours

Student contact hours for this undergraduate final-year Special Subject module will be comprised as follows:

  • Seminars: Eighteen two-hour seminars
  • Tutorials: Four hours of feedback and long essay preparation
  • Other: Two two-hour revision sessions
  • Total: Forty-four hours

Learning Outcomes

  • To acquire, through the use of original sources and extensive reading, an in-depth understanding of the historical background to the conflict in Northern Ireland.
  • To provide an opportunity through discussion, presentations, and the writing of assignments and the long essay, to develop critical and analytical skills solidly based on primary material.
  • To provide an opportunity to evaluate a range of primary sources including memoirs, official reports, newspaper accounts, news programmes, film and art work relating to 'The Troubles'.
  • To provide an opportunity, through discussion and written work, to develop critical assessments of the secondary material studied on 'The Troubles'.