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'World of the Tavern' - Programme, Themes & Dates

This advanced option is structured in three parts:

I. Introduction II. Thematic Approaches III. Wider Perspectives

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[week 1] Module framework and introduction 
(like all sessions on Wednesdays 9-11 am in H1.05)

[week 2] Historiography


[week 3] Early modern voices




[week 4] Catering services


[week 5] Regulation

[Guidance meeting for dissertations by agreement] 

[week 6 = Reading Week]


Publican from Cessolis, De ludo scacchorum (1458)

'Innkeeper', miniature from a manuscript of De ludo scacchorum by Jacobus de Cessolis (1458)

[taken from the facsimile edition of Vatican Library, MS Cod. Pal. Lat. 961,
published by Belser Verlag, Zurich 1988, f. 46r]


[week 7] Group presentation on publicans led by Amy, Sophie & Tom

[Short essay 1: please upload max. 2000 words formatted in line with UG handbook styleguide (i.e. using footnotes and a bibliography divided into primary/secondary sources) by deadline specified on Tabula]


[week 8] Group presentation on socio-economic and cultural services led by Adam, Daniel and Francesca


[Dissertation writers: please send electronic copy of a 2-page outline of topic, research questions, planned content/structure, key primary/secondary resources, by noon on Friday of week 8]


[week 9] Group presentation on gender roles led by Daniela, Joanna and Sarah


[week 10] NO CLASSES

[Titles and materials for dissertations to be finalized with module tutor by the end of the autumn term]


[Spring Term] 


[weeks 11-12] Crime: Publicans & Patrons


[week 13] Sex and the Early Modern Public House


[non-assessed book review (or short essay) due by the Tabula deadline at the end of week 13]


[week 14] Long-term-changes I (medieval/early modern) 


[week 15] Long-term-changes II (early modern/modern)  

[Titles and materials for long essays to be finalized with module tutor before Reading Week]

[week 16 = Reading Week]



[week 17] Church and tavern


[week 18] Class presentations on dissertations and long essays

NB: SATURDAY week 18: Spaces [field trip to historic public houses in the region]

[week 19] Tavern and local authorities 

[week 20] Interdisciplinary approaches 

[Long essay due on Tabula by the departmental deadline specified on the undergraduate website]

[Summer Term]

[week 21]  Conclusion

[optional mock exam due Wednesday week 22]

[Dissertation due on Tabula by the departmental deadline specified on the undergraduate website]

Revision session by agreement


Inn sign of the former Golden Falcon in Bern

Inn sign of the former Golden Falcon in Bern [Photo: BK]