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'World of the Tavern' - Programme, Themes & Dates

This advanced option is structured in three parts:

I. Approaches II. Themes III. Relations

Click on seminar links for further information on topics and resources




[week 1] Module framework and introduction 
Like all sessions on Wednesdays 9-11 am (in H1.05) OR 12-2 pm (in H3.47).

[week 2] Historiography


[week 3] Early modern voices




[week 4] Catering


[week 5] Regulation

Guidance meeting for dissertations by agreement

[week 6 = Reading Week]


Publican from Cessolis, De ludo scacchorum (1458)

'Innkeeper', miniature from a manuscript of De ludo scacchorum by Jacobus de Cessolis (1458),
taken from the facsimile edition of Vatican Library, MS Cod. Pal. Lat. 961,
published by Belser Verlag, Zurich 1988, f. 46r.


[week 7] Group presentation on publicans led by Claudia, Ewan & James (9-11) and Chloe S., Lauren, Spencer & Tom M. (12-2; NB: in A0.01 Zeeman Building)


Book Review: please upload max. 1,500 words formatted in line with UG handbook styleguide (i.e. using footnotes and a supporting bibliography) by the deadline specified on Tabula.


[week 8] Group presentation on socio-economic dimensions led by Adam & Lukas (9-11) and Charlotte, James, Josh Harper & Zak (12-2; NB: in A0.01 Zeeman Building)


[week 9: Industrial action]


[week 10: Industrial action]

NB: Titles and materials for public house projects & dissertations to be finalized with module tutor by the end of the autumn term.


Spring Term


[week 11] Group presentation on cultural services led by Kasim, Oliver & Paris (9-11) and Josh Howell, Liam, Patrick & Rory (12-2)


Dissertation writers: please send electronic copy of (i) a 1-page outline of topic, research questions, planned content/structure and (ii) a bibliography of key primary/secondary resources, by noon on Friday of week 11


[week 12] Group presentation on gender roles led by Cam, Daniel & Olivia (9-11) and Chloe M., Georgia, Kiran & Tom H. (12-2)


Please remember to work on your public house projects / dissertations alongside regular weekly tasks.


[week 13] Crime: Publicans & Patrons


[week 14] Sex and the Early Modern Public House


[week 15] Module Conference: class presentations on public house projects & essays


[week 16 = Reading Week]




[week 17] Long-term-changes (mediaval/early modern/modern)


[week 18]

NB: SATURDAY week 18 (29 February 2020): Spaces = Field Trip to historic public houses in the region:
Assemble on Car Park 2 by 10 am, return by 5-5.30 pm.
Includes coverage of Church and tavern session

[week 19] [industrial action]


[week 20] [industrial action]


Public house projects due on Tabula by the departmental deadline specified on the undergraduate website]


Summer Term


[week 21] Tavern and local authorities [unfortunately, no face-to-face teaching possible due to corona-virus]


[week 22] Interdisciplinary approaches and Conclusion, followed by oral participation tutorials (please bring along your proposed overall mark based on your personal contribution to the autumn group project [66 %] and general input into class discussions [33 %]) [unfortunately, no face-to-face teaching possible due to corona-virus]


Dissertations due on Tabula by the departmental deadline specified on the undergraduate website.


Oral engagement self-reflection due by the deadline specified on Tabula.


Revision sessions by agreement virtually via ZOOM: Wednesday 13 May, week 4, at 10 am UK time


2-question / 2-hour exam to be scheduled at some point in weeks 4-9 by the university



Inn sign of the former Golden Falcon in Bern

Inn sign of the former Golden Falcon in Bern. Photo: BK.