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Discussion topics


Your theses on general insights to be gained from the materials studied in this module, e.g. with regard to:

  • The role of public houses in early modern society;
  • Range and characteristics of primary sources;
  • Regional and confessional varieties;
  • Change over time;
  • Potential to illuminate 'larger' debates in early modern history (such as state building, confessionalization, social polarization, civilizing process, modernization, secularization, consumer / communication revolutions ...).


Food for thought


Suggested Further Reading [bibliography]


A lost alehouse at Claydon (Oxon)

The Mill & Plough alehouse, operating in a 15thC tithe barn at Claydon (Oxon) around 1800, later became the village's vicarage and is now a private home. Pic: BK.
Riesen inn at Miltenberg / Germany
The Riesen (Giant) inn at Miltenberg in Germany hosted emperors in the Middle Ages and continues to serve patrons today. Homepage.