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mock exam

Parents and Children in Western Europe and North America, 1860 to the Present

(i) For candidates who are offering a whole-unit paper:
Time allowed: 3 hours
Answer THREE questions.

(ii) For candidates who are offering a half-unit paper:
Time allowed: 2 hours
Answer TWO questions.

Answers should NOT include any significant amount of material already presented in ANY assessed work.

Read carefully the instructions on the answer book and make sure that the particulars required are entered on each answer book.

1. Were women responsible for the late-nineteenth century fertility decline?

2. ‘Relationships between parents and children changed about 1900’. Discuss.

3. Were child migrants welcome? Discuss with reference to the period 1860 to the present.

4. Who was seen as a typical victim of child abuse over the period since 1860?

5. How successful were child labour laws?

6. Why was compulsory schooling introduced?

7. Why has war encouraged pronatalism? Discuss with reference to the period 1860 to the present.

8. How were expectations of children’s role in the home shaped by class and gender?

9. Why were youth movements popular between the wars?

10. Did the roles of mothers and fathers converge in the middle of the twentieth century?

11. Were there more ‘broken’ families in 1900 or 2000?

12. Who were ‘looked after’ children in the second half of the twentieth century?