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Week 8: Latin America and the Global Politics of Human Rights

Latin America and the Global Politics of Human Rights: Authoritarianism, insurgency and counter-insurgency, revolution

What was the nature of the authoritarian regimes in Latin America in the late twentieth century? What was the impact on state-society relations regarding the protection of rights? What was the impact of the Cold War and the international order? What was the civil society response to the regimes and what effect did this have on the development of a Latin American tradition of human rights? How did the Transnational Solidarity Movement develop?

Primary Sources:

Guatemala: Testimonio Rigoberta Menchú, I Rigoberta (1984) Menchu, Rigoberta. I, Rigoberta Menchu : An Indian Woman in Guatemala edited by Elisabeth Burgos-Debray, Verso, 2010.

Argentina: Madres Newspaper Report 1976.

Chile: Warwick Digital Archive of the Chile Solidarity Campaign.

Core Readings:

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Further Reading:

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Some films and podcasts:

Patricio Guzmán's film series, La batalla de Chile. Chile, 1975-79.

The Official Story. Dir. Luis Puenzo. Argentina, 1985.

Machuca. Dir. Andrés Wood. Chile/ Spain, 2004.