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7 day take-home assessments

  • All History examinations take the form of 7 day take home assessments. Other Departments may have different arrangements. If you study for a joint degree, you may have exams in another department. Make sure you familiarise yourself with arrangements in both departments.
  • Students should note that they are not able to repeat, in an examination answer, a substantial body of work already submitted for ANY other summative piece of work (eg a long essay or dissertation).
  • To help aid revision you can review Past exam papers 


Exam Timetable

All central exam timetables are created and published by the Examinations Office, part of the Academic Office.

The timetable for 7 day ‘take home’ assessments will be published by the Department by the end of term 3, week 1.

Students should be available for the entirety of the exam period (Term 3 - Weeks 4-10). Take home assessments can fall anywhere during this period and students often have more than one exam per day or per 7 day period.


Absence from Exams

If you are unable to attend a scheduled summative assessment, for example, an exam or a presentation because of unforeseen circumstances, you must submit a claim for mitigating circumstances to cover your absence. You must submit this as soon as possible after the exam or presentation and no later than the mitigation deadline. The relevant Exam Board will consider your case and may direct you to take a reassessment. Regulation 12: Absence for Medical Reasons from a University Examination for First Degrees governs this procedure.