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Dr David A. Lines - Colloquia and panels organized

Organiser, panel on ‘Science in the Early Modern Universities’ annual meeting, the American Historical Association (Boston, 6 January 2001).

Organiser, panel on ‘The Classical Tradition’, 80th annual meeting, Medieval Academy of America (Miami, 1 April 2005).

Co-organiser (with Sabrina Ebbersmeyer and Lodi Nauta), seven panels on ‘Renaissance Ethics’, annual meeting, Renaissance Society of America (Cambridge, UK, 7–9 April 2005).

Organiser, panel on ‘Teaching Virtue in the Renaissance’, annual meeting, Renaissance Society of America (San Francisco, 23–25 March 2006).

Co-organiser (with Simon Gilson), workshop on 'The Diffusion of Renaissance Aristotelianism: Latin, Vernacular and Art in the Classical Tradition' (Venice, 17-18 September 2007).

Organiser, two panels on ‘Learning and Culture in Renaissance Bologna’ (Renaissance Society of America, Chicago, 3–5 April 2008).

Organiser, four panels on ‘Latin and the Vernacular in Renaissance Philosophy’ (Renaissance Society of America, Venice, 8–10 April 2010).

Organiser, panel on ‘Vernacular Aristotelianism in Renaissance Italy: Project and Database’ (Society for Italian Studies, St Andrews, 6–9 July 2011).

Organiser, panel on ‘Philosophy for the People? Vernacular Treatments of Aristotle in Sixteenth-Century Italy’ (Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, 27–30 October 2011).

Organiser, two panels on ‘Vernacular Aristotelianism in the Renaissance’ (Renaissance Society of America, Washington, D.C., 22–24 March 2012).