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David A. Lines - Recent conference papers

Conference papers (since 2010)

  • ’Bernardo Segni, Antonio Brucioli and the Vernacular in Moral Philosophy’, paper presented at the Renaissance Society of America, Venice (8–10 April 2010).

  • ’L’università delle arti nell’Università di Bologna: il primo Seicento’. Invited paper presented at a conference on Galileo e la scuola galileana nelle università italiane del Seicento (Bologna, 28–30 October 2010).

  • ‘The University, the City, and the Papacy in the Later Sixteenth Century: Issues of Control’. Invited paper presented at a conference on Current Scholarship on Renaissance Bologna (Bologna, June 2011).

  • ’Vernacular Aristotelianism: The Case of Bernardo Segni’. Paper presented at the Society for Italian Studies, St Andrews, 7 July 2011.

  • ’Bernardo Segni, Aristotelianism, and the Role of the Vernacular in Mid-Sixteenth Century Italy’. Paper presented at the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference, Fort Worth, Texas, 28 October 2011.

  • ’Francesco Piccolomini’s Moral Philosophy between Latin and the Vernacular’. Paper presented at the Renaissance Society of America, Washington, D.C., 23 March 2012.

Invited lectures (since 2010)

  • ‘Rethinking Education in Sixteenth-Century Italy: The University of Bologna’. Invited lecture at Reading University (29 January 2010).

  • ‘Reforming a University: The Case of Bologna in the Late Renaissance’. Invited lecture at the Institute of Historical Research, University of London (29 April 2010).

  • ’New Directions in Renaissance Aristotelianism’. Invited lecture at the University of Leuven (9 November 2010).

  • ’Curricular Reform in Sixteenth-Century Italy: Ulisse Aldrovandi and the University of Bologna.’ Invited lecture at the Institute for Historical Studies, University of Texas at Austin (24 October 2011).