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About Us


The Weimar Film Network was founded in 2021 by Molly Harrabin as part of her ongoing research and general enthusiasm for Weimar Cinema. The Network is co-edited by Molly and Lawrence Alexander (University of Cambridge). Both of our editors are passionate about all things Weimar film and want to provide a supportive environment for lively and diverse discussions on this fascinating period of German cinematic history. The Network is supported by Dr. Ian Roberts and is based within the German section of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Warwick. So, if you're mad for Caligari, or Fritz Lang has got you Spinnen around, open up Pandora's Box and step into the world of Weimar Cinema with the Weimar Film Network!

We aim to provide a sense of community between students, academics and film enthusiasts and our work may be of interest to those involved in areas outside of German Studies, such as Film Studies, History and History of Art. The Network celebrates cinema of the Weimar Republic (1918-1933) through blog posts and film reviews, in addition to film screenings and research seminars. The Weimar Film Network is a great way for current undergraduates and postgraduates to contribute to the academic field, something which our editors are very passionate about! We are also interested in working with academics, film critics and institutions who can disseminate their work through our website, or may like to collaborate with us on an event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contribute?

Contribution pitches and any other enquiries can be made through our contact form or by sending us an email at weimarfilmnetwork at warwick dot ac dot uk. A blog post pitch should give our editors an insight into the direction you wish to take with your piece, for example an overview of the argument you will be making, as well as identifying the films that you want to write about. If you are interested in writing for our review section, please send an email explaining which film you would like to review and provide us with some information about why you want to review this film specifically. The pitch should be no more than 300 words, and our editors reserve the right to reject a pitch if it is over this suggested word limit by a substantial amount. Please also send details of your academic background, including any publications.

Do I have to be a student or academic to be involved?

No, we welcome pitches from people who are not currently involved in academia. We ask all potential contributors to send us some information about their academic background and details of any publications they may have, but this is not a requirement and all pitches will be considered by our editors. We are also keen to expand the Network into schools, and welcome emails from students in post-16 education.

When will my contribution be published?

Once your pitch has been selected, we will agree a deadline. Generally, we are flexible and can work around the contributor's schedule. When you send in your piece, one of our editors will review it and provide you with some feedback and comments. A new deadline will then be agreed to make these changes. Once everyone is happy with the piece, our editors will confirm that it is ready for publication. Publication time is usually relatively quick, though we reserve the right to hold a piece back to tie in with a theme, anniversary or celebration.