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Dr Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez

Associate Professor
Dr Leticia Villamediana Gonzâlez

Email: L dot Villamediana-Gonzalez at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel: +44 (0) 24 765 74452

Room 4.67, Faculty of Arts Building
University of Warwick, Coventry CV4 7AL

  • SMLC Deputy Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Hispanic Studies Language Coordinator
  • Hispanic Studies SSLC Academic Convenor
  • WIHEA Fellow


Leticia Villamediana González joined Hispanic Studies as a Teaching Fellow in August 2014. Before coming to Warwick she was teaching Spanish at Queen's University, Belfast, where she completed her Doctoral Studies in 2013.

Research Interests

Her research interests lie in the fields of 18th-Century Spanish literature, culture and intellectual history; and Anglo-Spanish cultural transfers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

She is currently collaborating in an international research project entitled LHIBRO: Hispanic Literature in the British Romantic Periodical Press (1802-1832): Appropriating and Rewriting the Canon (Ref. RTI2018-097450-B-I00), with colleagues from the University of Valladolid and University of La Rioja, and financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

Her recent monograph Anglomanía: la imagen de Inglaterra en la prensa española del siglo XVIII (Woodbridge: Tamesis Books, 2019) explores the notion of anglomania - the craze for all things English which spread throughout all Europe - and its reactive phenomenon, anglophobia, offering a contextualised analysis of the transmission, reception and adaptation of British Enlightened ideas and reforms in three different types of Spanish periodicals.

Leticia has also co-edited a volume on The Configuration of the Spanish Public Sphere: from the Enlightenment to the indignados (New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2019), which brings together contributions from leading scholars in Hispanic studies, across a wide range of disciplines, to investigate how the concept of "public sphere" relates to society and to political power, and how it has evolved over the centuries offering a long-term, panoramic view that touches on one of the most urgent issues for contemporary European societies.

Teaching and Scholarship

  • Her teaching interests lie in Spanish history and literature of the long eighteenth century, the Spanish Black Legend and Spanish/anti-Spanish propaganda. She was awarded the 2017 BSECS Teaching Prize for 'Images and Representations of 18th-Century Spain', her contribution to the first-year module 'Images and Representations of the Hispanic World'.
  • She is also interested in innovative language teaching and in embedding an intercultural and international perspective in the curriculum. She has been running pedagogical projects around virtual mobility with Virtual Intercultural Exchange Programmes with the Universidad Pontificia Javeriana, Bogotá (Colombia) and the Universidad de Valladolid, Spain.
  • As a member of the 'Pedagogic Research in HE' Link opens in a new windowWIHEA Learning Circle, we have been focusing since 2020 on the development of an approach to pedagogic inquiry ('Exploratory Pedagogic Inquiry'Link opens in a new window) which teachers can adopt to make sense of and improve their current practice in a very immediate and practical way.


Leticia contributes to the Year's Work in Modern Language Studies, reviewing the section of Spanish Studies: Literature, 1700-1823.

'La literatura comparada y sus aplicaciones didácticas en clase de ELE', in Literatura y ELE: miradas desde los estudios literarios y culturales, ed. by Ana Peñas Ruiz (Madrid: EnClave-ELE, 2021)

Anglomanía: la imagen de Inglaterra en la prensa española del siglo XVIIILink opens in a new window (Woodbridge: Tamesis Books, 2019)

The Configuration of the Spanish Public Sphere: from the Enlightenment to the indignados Link opens in a new window(New York-Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2019)

'La librería Orcel: un negocio europeo en el Madrid del setecientos', Cuadernos de Ilustración y Romanticismo. Revista digital del Grupo de Estudios del Siglo XVIII, nº 24 (2018), 339-71.

«Prescription for Scolding Wives»: Esposas gruñonas y transgresoras en la prensa inglesa y española del siglo XVIII», Cuadernos de Ilustración y Romanticismo. Revista digital del Grupo de Estudios del Siglo XVIII, nº 22 (2016), 57-78. ISSN: 2173-0687

'Semblanza de Marcelino Calero y Portocarrero (Badajoz, 1778-Madrid, 1838)', in Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes - Portal Editores y Editoriales Iberoamericanos (siglos XIX-XXI) - EDI-RED (Alicante, 2016)

'Publicación y censura de los Discursos mercuriales, primer periódico español de economía política', Dieciocho: Hispanic Enlightenment, 38 (2015), 291-318

'La anglomanía en la prensa periódica española de la segunda mitad del siglo XVIII', in Hacia 1812, desde el siglo ilustrado. Actas del V Congreso Internacional de la Sociedad Española de Estudios del Siglo XVIII, ed. by Fernando Durán López (Gijón: Trea, 2013), pp. 197-210

'La Estafeta de Londres de Francisco Mariano Nifo, otro precedente de las Cartas Marruecas de Cadalso', Cuadernos de estudios del siglo XVIII, 22 (2012), 165-78

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Instituto Cervantes DELE Examiner, 2014

PhD in Hispanic Studies, Queen's University, Belfast, 2013

MA in Hispanic Studies, Queen's University, Belfast, 2009

MA in Interculturalidad en textos y contextos de ámbito occidental, University of Valladolid, 2008

BA (Hons) in English Philology, University of Valladolid, 2006

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