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Dr. Yinghong Shang

Image of Yinghong ShangChinese (Senior Teaching Fellow)

BSc, MSc, PhD, BA

The Language Centre
Email: Y dot Shang at warwick dot ac dot uk


Dr. Yinghong Shang is so passionate for Mandarin teaching that she switched her career from scientific research to Chinese teaching after getting her PhD degree in chemistry from Loughborough University in 2007. By taking advantage of her IT skills obtained from the science background and the teaching skills achieved from attending various teaching training courses including a BA degree in teaching Chinese as a second language obtained from Jinan University, she is now an experienced Chinese Senior Teaching Fellow. She teaches Chinese for different modules from beginners to advanced levels.

Yinghong's research interests are mainly in Chinese teaching and intercultural communication. And she has been members of British Chinese Language Teaching Society (BCLTS) since 2010.

Yinghong has worked as a Chinese language examiner in different institute, i. e. Cambridge International Exam and AQA. and have been in charged of the National Calligraphy Competition for more than 10 years.


Authored book

Yinghong Shang & Ruihua Yao, One to one dictionary: English-Mandarin, Mandarin-English Dictionary, 2011, Star Foreign Language Books; ISBN-10: 1908357045; ISBN-13: 978-1908357045

Articles In English

1. Y Shang, and R. Chen, Hydrogen Storage via the Hydrolysis of NaBH4 Basic Solution: Optimization of NaBH4 Concentration, Energy & Fuels, 2006, 20, 2142-2148
2. Y Shang, and R. Chen, Semi Empirical Hydrogen Generation Model Using Concentrated Sodium Borohydride Solution, Energy & Fuels, 2006, 20, 2149-2154
3. Y Shang, R. Chen and R. Thring, Hydrolysis of Sodium Borohydride – A Potential Compact Hydrogen Storage Method, World Journal of Engineering, 2006, 3, 14-26
4. Y Shang, and R Chen. “Thermodynamic modelling on the optimal concentration of sodium borohydride solution as a hydrogen source”. World Journal of Engineering, 3: 1-9, 2005.

Articles and Patent In Chinese
5. C Wei, Y Shang; D Sun, S Zhang. “Study of corrosion inhibitor for a refinery”, Corrosion Science and Anti-corrosion Technology, 9: 251-254, 1997 .
6. Chinese patent CN1068599B, Water in the synthesis of colorless polyoxyethylene alkyl ether


The first prize in this year’s AULC competition for innovative teaching, 2008