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Contemporary European Thinkers

Module Code: LN309
Module Name: Contemporary European Thinkers
Module Coordinator: Dr Iwona Janicka
Not Running 2018-19
Module Credits: 15

Module Description

What are the most important issues that French, German or Italian thinkers discuss today? Why are these issues important and why do they provoke such heated debates among academics and intellectuals? What are the genealogies of these issues?

This module explores most recent developments in continental philosophy and critical thought. It focuses on the overlaps, tensions and dialogues between various European philosophers that have determined much of the debates in the field of critical theory. The module’s principal aim is to acquaint you with key issues in most recent European thought and give you a solid overview of the theoretical landscapes that are most relevant today. It offers insights into questions that have not only provoked intense discussions among European philosophers but also set off ripples in the Anglophone academic world. Leading thinkers who still actively contribute to these debates are considered.

This module welcomes students with no previous experience of studying critical theory, alongside students who would like to develop their knowledge in this area further. It is available across the School of Modern Languages and Cultures and does not require students to be fluent in any of the foreign languages in which the texts were originally written.


One 4000-4500-word essay