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Modern French Language

Module Code: FR101
Module Name: Modern French Language
Module Coordinator: Kelly Mayjonade-Christy
A combination of 3h face-to-face teaching and 1h online grammar lecture per week
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

This module is divided into three sections: Grammar and Translation; Writing French; and Oral. In Grammar and Translation you will deepen your understanding of French grammar and syntax with the help of tutors experienced in facilitating the transition from A level to university-level language production. You will learn to analyse language using appropriate technical vocabulary and to handle complex structures in French. Your learning will take place in three different environments: a grammar lecture; a grammar / translation seminar; and a targeted programme of online bespoke self-study materials. In translation, we focus particularly on developing the skills required to produce authentic and accurate translations of journalistic material from French to English. Writing French will introduce you to the structures and methods used to debate ideas on contemporary French and francophone issues in formal written French. The programme will build your reading and comprehensions skills and will develop your ability to exploit French texts for vocabulary, idioms, organizational strategies and grammatical structures. Finally, Oral classes will allow you to develop your confidence in speaking French in a class situation. Working with a native speaker in small groups, you will prepare and discuss topics on contemporary French and francophone culture and society, using audio, video and text resources. You will also have the opportunity to work on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar with your lecteur or lectrice (consolidating your written grammar work by using it in your spoken French)

Assessment Method:

Assessed Coursework - Weekly Online Grammar Exercises - 10%

Assessed Coursework - End of Term Online Grammar and Translation Tests (into French) - 20%

Oral Exam (10 mins) - 20%

Writing and Translation (into English) Exam - 50%

Reading List

The reading list for this module can be found here.