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Manuscript BNF 837 (manuscript C)

The Châtelaine de Vergy appears in 20 different manuscripts. The manuscript chosen as the basis for the Dufournet/Dulac edition is manuscript C (BNF f. fr. 837) - see the editors' discussion of this on pp. 28-29 of your edition. This manuscript is a large collection of 252 texts; the Châtelaine de Vergy appears on folio 6.

Browse a copy of manuscript BNF f. fr. 837 here. If you want to see the list of contents for the manuscript, click on 'Detailed information' in the top right-hand corner.


Ivory Caskets

British Museum: Chatelaine de Vergi Casket

An ivory casket depicting scenes from the Châtelaine de Vergy (mentioned in the first lecture)


The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Chatelaine de Vergi Casket

Another example of an ivory casket depicting scenes from the text...


Louvre: Coffret

Yet another example of an ivory casket (you get the picture...)