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Coup de Lune 2

Coup de lune: seminar 2


1. Close reading:


Ø Pp. 57 – 59 (‘Timar passa devant la Sacova’ to ‘une vraie conquête’)


Use the list of questions given on last week’s seminar sheet to help you construct your analysis.


2. Style and Structure


How does Le Coup de lune comply with the traditional pattern of the detective novel in terms of plot and characters?


Assess the significance of the title.


3.   Readings and interpretations


By focusing on pp. 37-48 and 138-146, explore the gender politics in colonial Gabon.


Look up the term ‘exoticism’. By focusing on pp. 8-9, 28-29, 95-99, show how exoticism is conveyed and explored in the text.


How would you interpret Timor’s statement in the last chapter: ‘L’Afrique, ça n’existe pas...’. What does it reveal about western discourses on sub-Saharan Africa?


How does the text represent French colonialism and assimilation? Focus on pp. 52-55 and 159-173.


How does the text reflect upon local cultures? Focus on pp. 133-135 and 141.


Read the article ‘Un dimanche à Port-Gentil’ from ‘L’Heure du nègre’ and explore the following issue: How does the article resonate (or not) with Le Coup de lune in terms of style and content? Do you feel your understanding of the text has changed in the light of your reading of this article? Post your thoughts on your group’s Coup de lune seminar page.