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Cathy Hampton's Seminar Page


Welcome to my seminar web page. Please use this space to keep up to date about what's happening in our Strategies group week by week. The page is intended both as a space through which I can communicate with you, and as a space where we can share resources and ideas together (we'll be using the comments feature below to do this).


Seminar programme

Please click here to download the seminar programme for term 1.

Work groups

On a regular basis we will be working in smaller groups outside of the class. We'll update information about work groups once we've met. Each week there will be a page dedicated to the seminar in question, where you can add comments and thoughts. Please click on the relevant link below:

Week 2: Montaigne 1

Week 3: Montaigne 2

Week 4:La Châtelaine de Vergy 1

Week 5 Chatelaine de Vergy 2

Week 6: Assignment 1 questions

Week 7: Authorship and Intentionality

Week 8: Candide 1

Week 9: Candide 2

Week 10: History and Contextualisation


term 2

week 1: Coup de Lune 1

Week 2: Coup de lune 2

Week 3: Abd Al Malik 1

Week 4: Abd Al Malik 2

Week 5: La Bête humaine

Week 7: Un Héros très discret

week 8: The Unconscious of the Text

week 9: Gender and Sexuality

term 3

Week 2: Revision Session 1

Week 3: Revision session

Week 5: final revision session