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Lecture programme and bibliographies

Your lecture team:

Emma Campbell, Cathy Hampton, Ingrid De Smet, Margaux Whiskin, Susannah Wilson

How to use this page:

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Week 1:

Introductory lecture: Defining French Sources EC

Weeks 2 – 4:

Medieval French: manuscript culture and text circulation EC

  • 2 : Anglo-French: Marie de France, Laüstic (Lais)
  • 3 - 4: Text and image: ways of reading, Christine de Pisan, La Cité des Dames
Weeks 5 – 10:

The Renaissance: print and polemic CH/IDS

Weeks 11 – 14:

The Seventeenth-Century: debates about language, form and ethics: the stage CH/CS

Weeks 17 – 20:

The Revolution: text, politics and dissent MW

term 3

  • 21 revision - commentary
  • 22 - revision - comparative

Our trip to the Bodleian: Bryan's

storify account