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The Revolution: text, politics and dissent

Seminar week 15

Here is the seminar worksheet: fr120_seminar_w5.docx

Look at the following prints: ddhc_5.pdf, ddhc_6.pdf, ddhc_9.pdf, ddhc_10.pdf, ddhc_11.pdf, ddhc_13.pdf, ddhc_20.pdf, ddhc_23.pdf, ddhc_24.pdf, ddhc_26.pdf

Read the Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen: ddhc.pdf

Seminar week 17

Here is the seminar worksheet: fr120_seminar_week_17.docx

Look at the following prints: louis_capet_aux_enfers.pdf, execution_de_louis_capet.pdf, mort_de_louis_xvi.pdf, catastrophe_de_louis_xvi.pdf, jai_toujours_aim.pdf, dialogue_tte.pdf

Read J'attends le procès de Louis XVI: proces_louis_xvi.pdf

Seminar week 18

The worksheet can be downloaded here

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