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Lectures and seminars

Lectures will be online in 2021-22, available to download as an audio powerpoint. Seminars will be face to face in H 0.67.

Autumn Term 1, 2021-22: Thursdays, 3-4 and 4-5 p.m., H 0.67. Please check Tabula for your seminar group.

Please use the Moodle page to download the relevant documents for each week. For those who do not yet have access to the Moodle page, the powerpoint recording of lecture can be downloaded in sections here: part 1; part 2; part 3.

The sources for weeks 1-3 can be found here, and the seminar worksheet for week 1 can be found here.

General and specialist reading on each topic is recommended in the course bibliography (also available via Talis aspire).

Lectures and seminars

Week 1. Introduction: Defining the French Right

Week 2. Avant-garde Fascism? National Populism from the Dreyfus Affair to the 1920s

Week 3. 1930s: The Street, the People, and the World in Crisis

Week 4. Soldiers and Right-Wing Ideology (with guest lecturer Emanuele Podda)

Week 5. Collaborators: P├ętain's Vichy France

Week 6: Reading week

You should use reading week to start/continue research for your formative or summative essay or close analysis.

Week 7. Collaborationists: France and the New Order

Week 8. De Gaulle: Exile, Leadership and Legacy

Week 9. The Extreme Right from from the Liberation to the FN

Week 10. Right and Extreme Right in Contemporary France