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FR256 Module Outline, 2024-25

Week 1. Introduction: Defining the French Right

Seminar. Encounters with the French Right

Week 2. Nationalism, Anti-Semitism, and the Dreyfus Affair

Seminar. Anti-Semitism and Popular Culture in Fin-de-Si├Ęcle France

Week 3. Mass Politics and Right-Wing Culture in Interwar France

Seminar. Street Parades and Holiday Camps: Right-Wing Culture and Community

Week 4. The Dark Years of Collaboration: 1940–45

Seminar. Young People in Occupied France

Week 5. De Gaulle and the Right: From the Resistance to May 1968

Seminar. Hero or Dictator? De Gaulle and the French

Week 6. Reading Week

Week 7. Hands-on Research at Modern Records Centre: Fascism, Resistance, May '68

Week 8. Right-Wing Populists: Pierre Poujade and Jean-Marie Le Pen

Seminar. Forum on Populism

Week 9. Chirac, Sarkozy and the Legacy of Charles de Gaulle

Seminar. Interrogating the Gaullist Legacy

Week 10. Marine Le Pen and Contemporary French Politics

Seminar. Beyond Right and Left?