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Weeks 14-15

Core reading

Fassin, Didier, 'Politique', La Force de l'ordre: une anthropologie de la police des quartiers (Paris: Seuil, 2011), ch. 6, pp. 259-284 as scanned extract.

Advance preparation for seminar discussion

Week 14

  1. Describe and evaluate Fassin's research methodology.
  2. What are the key features of Fassin's account of the Brigade Anti-Criminalité (BAC)? Are there other perspectives on this particular police formation? (Do some independent research.)*

Week 15

  1. Identify, from Fassin and relevant further reading, the causes of the 2005 riots, focusing in particular on the following dimensions:
    • race or ethnicity; discrimination
    • poverty, unemployment and education
    • social segregation
    • relationships between the community and the police
  2. Discuss the response to the riots by key members of the government of the day.*
  3. Analyse the riots in the context of 'securitarian' policing policy.
  4. What can you make of Straub and Huillet's Europa 2005?

Further reading

  • Badiou, Alain, 'L'humiliation ordinaire', Le Monde (15 November 2005), available here.
  • Berthaut, Jérôme, La Banlieue du 20 heures: ethnographie de la production d'un lieu commun journalistique (Marseille: Agone, 2013). See here.
  • Boucher, Manuel, 'Portrait d'un policier de la brigade anti-criminalité dans une "cité ghetto" française', Champ Pénal IX (2012).
  • Boucher, Manuel, 'L'expérience du ghetto', Déviance & Société 33 (2009): 221-248. Available via CAIRN.
  • Brulhart, Nicolas, 'Europa 2005 - 27 octobre, ou la répétition dans le ciné-tract de Jean-Marie Straub', Décadrages 18 (2011): 120-126. Available online here.
  • Carpenter, Juliet and Horvath, Christina (eds.), Regards croisés sur la banlieue (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2015). See here.
  • Duprez, Dominique, 'Urban Rioting as an Indicator of Crisis in the Integration Model for Ethnic Minority Youth in France', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35, 5 (2009): 753-770. Available electronically via the Library here.
  • Harsin, Jayson, 'Cultural Racist Frames in TF1's French Banlieue Riots Coverage', French Politics, Culture & Society 33, 3 (2015): 47-73. Available electronically via the Library here.
  • Lapeyronnie, Didier, 'Révolte primitive dans les banlieues françaises', Déviance & Société 30 (2006): 431-448. Available via CAIRN.
  • Lapeyronnie, Didier & Courtois, Laurent, Ghettto urbain: ségrégation, violence, pauvreté en France aujourd'hui (Paris: Laffont, 2008). See here.
  • Le Goaziou, Véronique and Mucchielli, Laurent, La Violence des jeunes en question (Nîmes: Champ Social, 2009). See here.
  • Monjardet, Dominique, 'Les sanctions professionnelles des policiers', Informations sociales 127 (2005): 76-85. Available via CAIRN.
  • Moran, Matthew, 'Opposing Exclusion: The Political Significance of the Riots in French Suburbs (2005-7)', Modern and Contemporary France 19, 3 (2011), available electronically via the Library here.
  • Moran, Matthew, The Republic and the Riots: Exploring Urban Violence in French Suburbs, 2005-2007 (Oxford: Peter Lang, 2012). See here.
  • Mucchielli, Laurent, 'Autumn 2005: A Review of the Most Important Riot in the History of French Contemporary Society', Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 35, 5 (2009): 731-751. Available electonically via the Library here.
  • Mucchielli, Laurent, Criminologie et lobby sécuritaire: une controverse française (Paris: La Dispute, 2014). See here.

Other resources

Fassin, Didier, 'Pourquoi la BAC a des manières "rudes et humiliantes"', interview in L'Obs/Rue89 here.

'Nouvelle nuit d'émeutes à Clichy-sous-Bois', France 3 news report from 28 October 2005. Available from INA here.

'Les émeutes dans les banlieues françaises en 2005', retrospective on the three weeks of riots first broadcast by France 2 on 17 November 2005. Available from INA here.

Straub, Jean-Marie and Huillet, Danièle, Europa 2005 : 27 octobre, unsigned 'Cinétract', available here.


Slides for Week 14 and Week 15.