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Presentation Titles

Please email the proposed title of your presentation to me ( by the Monday of Week 9 and I will approve or amend it. The following are examples of titles used in previous years, provided to inspire you in the creation of your own but you may use them unmodified if you wish.

Catherine Deneuve: Une 'femme aux deux visages'?

Discuss the role of violence in any ONE OR MORE films starring Isabelle Huppert.

Jean Gabin as embodiment of Frenchness

How Vincent Cassel builds tension in his performances.

The parental turn in Jean Gabin's post-1950 films.

The typecasting of Omar Sy in cinematic roles influenced by racial stereotypes.

Sexuality: a comparison between La pianiste and Elle.

How is the concept of masculinity explored by Vincent Cassel in L'Ennemi public no. 1?

Gerard Depardieu and the notion of French masculinity in Green Card

To what extent, and in what ways, can Jean Gabin be taken to represent 'Frenchness'?

Representations of class in the work of Jean Gabin

Jean Gabin and masculinity in Pépé Le Moko

Is Catherine Deneuve a feminist icon or object of male desire?

Jean Gabin as romantic lead

Catherine Deneuve and the Lover/Mother duality in Indochine.

Can any one or more Catherine Deneuve's film roles be interpreted as a critique of gender norms?