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GE 101: Modern German Language 1


You will have four regular weekly language classes:

  • One one-hour Grammar class of 8 to 9. The emphasis here is primarily on grammar work. The course handbooks are Martin Durrell (ed.) Hammer's German and Usage, London, (6th ed.) 2017, and Martin Durrell et al. Practising German Grammar, London, (4th ed.) 2017 - earlier editions of Hammer are largely compatible. In addition you should spend at least one hour per week doing grammar exercises either using Hammer Online Grammar or other grammar resources available online. You will normally be asked to do regular preparation for class as well as regular homework. Classes are streamed according to Diagnostic test results and will be posted on the First Year Notice board in week 1. Classes are taught by Nora Michaelis, Birgit Oehle and Susan Beardmore.


  • ONE one-hour Translation class concentrating on translation from German into English and English into German, to lay the foundations for translation work throughout your degree. This class prepares you for the translation elements (from and into German) in the GE101 Translation and Comprehension exam, which will take place at the end of the year. Translation classes are on Tuesdays. You will normally be asked to do two or three pieces of written homework per term as well as regular preparation for class. Groups will be set up in Week 1, after the Diagnostic test. Classes are taught by Susan Beardmore.


  • ONE one-hour Conversation and Comprehension Class This class focuses on developing not only oral skills, but also practical skills, such as presentation. This class will also include an element of listening comprehension, Classes are taught by Nora Michaelis and Birgit Oehle.
  • ONE one-hour Writing Class 

This class works with a range of texts and topics, in preparation for the Media Project, which is usually done in pairs or groups of three. Written comprehension work prepares you also for the Comprehension and Composition section of the GE101 exam at the end of the year. These classes are taught by Nora Michaelis and Birgit Oehle.