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Goethe's early poetry

‘Anacreontic phase’



Cf. Klopstock ‘Das Rosenband’ (1752)






Õ transitional work = the Sesenheimer Lied
'Mit einem gemalten Band’ (1771)

cf. Term 1, Lecture 2 (Powerpoint Presentation) and Tutorial Week 2

1749: Goethe born in Frankfurt am Main

Oct 1765-Aug 1768: studies in Leipzig

1768: ill health forces Goethe to return to Frankfurt

  • searching for his own poetic voice
  • Anacreontic (cf. Term 1, Lecture 2)
  • decorative (superficial?) style: Witz, esprit, scherzhaft; florid, mild & harmless eroticism
  • influence/imitation of seventeenth-century French ‘rococo’ style

  • NB. later date of ‘Mit einem gemalten Band’ evidence of greater originality