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GE 430: Reading Contemporary German Diasporic Writing

Aims of the Module


The aims of the module are to:

  • gain an overview of the development of German-language diasporic writing from the guest worker literature of the late 1970s to the writing of migrants and postmigrants in the present day.
  • consider a range of literary forms, including novels, short stories, poetry, essays and journalism, applying appropriate analytical concepts and techniques to each genre.
  • achieve familiarity with a range of theoretical approaches to the study of diasporic writing (e.g. Orientalism, cultural identity studies, postcolonialism) and be aware of current developments in thinking, differentiating critically between approaches to diasporic writing.
  • analyse the nature and function of literary representations of the diasporic experience.
  • reach an appreciation of diasporic writing/culture as part of a range of social processes constituting the development of Germany as a multicultural society.