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Germany & the Holocaust - materials for lecture 3


Please look at these pictures which we will discuss in the lecture this week.

Slide 2 and 3 show examples of Nazi mass spectacles. How would you describe the architecture (in light or stone) and the formation of the participants? What do you expect the effect on the spectators and participants will have been? What do these pitures tell us about the ways in which the regime wanted to present itself?

Slide 4 and 5 show a propaganda painting and poster. What do they tell us about the Nazi attitude to modernity? (Note: the picture might be complex.)

Slide 6 and 7 are taken at an exhibition of 'Entartete Kunst' ('Degenerate art') in which many chief works of modern art were exhibited. What do these pictures tell us about the Nazi idea of German national culture?



Here you can download extracts from the laws and regulations governing schools and education. Please read them carefully, look up unknown vocabulary and think about the questions on the sheet.