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Modern German Language 3

Module Code: GE401
Module Name: Modern German Language 3
Module Coordinator: Andrea Klaus
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

The aims of this module are:
  • To increase vocabulary, both general and specialised;
  • to improve oral skills;
  • to improve listening and reading comprehension skills;
  • to improve translation skills;
  • to identify and rectify grammar problems;
  • to cultivate sensitivity towards language in general, and an awareness of register, semantics and style in particular.
All students have three regular weekly language classes, consisting of (a) Spoken German, (b) German Essay Writing and (c) Translation from German into English.

Assessment Method:

Two three-hour examinations (an essay in German and two translation passages from German into English) and a 20 minute oral examination, during which candidates introduce their chosen topic and discuss a topic from a list chosen by examiners.