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Modern Spanish Language for Beginners

Module Code: HP102
Module Name: Modern Spanish Language for Beginners
Module Coordinator: Raquel Navas
Timetable by Group
Module Credits: 30

Module Description

Are you a beginner or new learner of Spanish who would like to lay solid foundations for advanced reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in modern Spanish language?

Our Modern Spanish Language for Beginners module is designed to equip you with a keen grammatical awareness, a sound understanding of cultures and societies across the Hispanic world, and most of all, confidence in reading, listening, speaking, and writing in Spanish. You will make use of authentic resources from around the Hispanic world, including books, articles, newspapers, television, social media and radio.

You will develop your skills through a combination of classroom sessions, guided learning activities and appropriate self-study resources. Weekly classes will cover grammar, vocabulary and functional aspects of Spanish such as translation, extended writing, and oral expression, which are reinforced through complementary activities on our multimedia VLE. By the end of the year you will be able to sustain everyday conversations in Spanish, read authentic texts, follow the gist of TV extracts and be able to write at an intermediate level in Spanish.

Why don't you read our students' opinions about this module?

"Aprendo español desde hace seis meses y estoy ahora muy sorprendida con cuánto he aprendido" Elizabeth Insley, Como viajar a través del tiempo: aprendiendo cuatro años de español en seis meses

"We attend 5 hours of classes per week and are set individual work to do online on a weekly basis. With this much Spanish to do, I am always grateful that no two activities are ever the same. The way the class is taught varies from exercises from the textbook and revision booklets made specifically for us, to playing Spanish video games and filling in the lyrics to our favourite Spanish songs!" Charlie Smith, Spanish for Beginners: from cero to héroe

Course Books:

- Palencia del Burgo, Ramón y Aragonés Fernández, Luís. Gramática de uso del español: teoría y práctica. Nivel A1-A2  (Madrid: SM, 2014)

- Handout (electronic copy only)


  • 30% Coursework
  • 20% Oral exam
  • 50% Final written exam

Terms: 1, 2 & 3
Weekly hours: 5
Tuesdays 3-4 +
Tuesdays 6-7 +
Fridays 12-1 +
Fridays 2-4