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Term 1
Week 1: Induction.
Week 2: unit 1, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: personal subject pronouns; the auxiliary verb essere; the present tense of the regular -are verbs; negative sentences, questions.
CULTURAL TOPICS: formal & informal conversations; Italian cities.
Week 3: unit 2, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: singular nouns; the indefinite article; the auxiliary verb avere; the present tense of the regular -ere verbs; the verb stare; vorrei + infinitive; numbers (0-10).
CULTURAL TOPICS: in an Italian bar; Italian coffee; talking on the phone.
Week 4: units 3-4, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: the definite article; the verb fare; adjectives in the singular; plural nouns; the verb piacere; numbers (10-100).
CULTURAL TOPICS: Italian products (food, fashion and design); professions; talking about free time.
Week 5: units 5-6, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: c’è/ci sono; the present tense of the regular -ire verbs; adjective agreements; demonstrative adjectives; the modal verb dovere; prepositions of place.
CULTURAL TOPICS: booking a hotel room; getting around Italy; asking for and giving directions; the city of Genova.
Week 6: Reading week.
Week 7: unit 7, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: the present tense of the irregular verbs in -ire; the past participle; introduction to the perfect tense (passato prossimo).
CULTURAL TOPIC: telling the time.
Week 8: unit 8, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: perfect tense (passato prossimo); the direct object pronouns (lo, la, li, le); the present tense of the irregular verbs in -ere.
CULTURAL TOPICS: World Heritage Sites and cities of art in Italy; Italian movies; the Venice Biennal.
Week 9: units 9-10, Arrivederci! Vol. 1.
GRAMMAR: possessive adjectives; reflexive verbs; quanto/a/i/e; the partitive article; ne; the verb venire.
CULTURAL TOPICS: the modern Italian family; Italian food; going shopping; Italian festivals and celebrations.
Week 10: units 11-12, Arrivederci! Vol. 1; Revision & Test.
GRAMMAR: reflexive verbs in the passato prossimo; direct objects pronouns (mi, ti, ci, vi); comparative adjectives; construction with si; ci; adverbs ending in -mente.
CULTURAL TOPICS: Italian fashion; the Italian fashion designer Valentino.

Term 2
Weeks 1-2: units 1-3, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: indirect object pronouns; superlatives; progressive forms (i); the imperfect tense (imperfetto); temporal clauses; the demonstrative adjectives.
CULTURAL TOPICS: Italian football; holidays in Italy; the city of Milan.
Weeks 3-4: units 4-5, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: the imperative; adjectives and indefinite pronouns; the relative pronoun che; ordinal numbers.
Week 5: units 6-7, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: the relative pronoun che (more in depth); other uses of ne and ci; the conditional tense; impersonal verbs.
CULTURAL TOPICS: the Italian home; Italian cuisine.
Week 6: Reading Week.
Week 7: unit 8, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: the conditional tense (more in depth); the passato prossimo of modal verbs.
CULTURAL TOPICS: Italians and the media; news programmes.
Weeks 8-9: units 9-10, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: progressive forms (ii); constructions with si + reflexive verbs; the verb riuscire.
Week 10: revision & Test.
GRAMMAR: the future tense.

Term 3
Week 1: units 10-11, Arrivederci! Vol. 2.
GRAMMAR: the future tense (more in depth); the relative pronoun cui after a preposition.
Week 2: revision of Term 1 and 2.
Oral exam: TBC