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Italy and the Myth of Rome (not running in 2018-19)

Module Code: IT114
Module Name: Italy and the myth of Rome
Module Credits: 30

From the Middle Ages until the present day, Italy has seen itself in the mirror of Rome and its empire. The module is designed to introduce you to the ways in which Italy’s literature, architecture, politics, cinema and cultural movements can be seen as appropriating various aspects of Rome’s cultural heritage. We will explore the significance of Rome and the idea of Rome as a source of Italian identity through time from the medieval period to the present day, drawing on a range of disciplines including history, literary studies, cinema, painting, architecture, music and cartography. You will develop an awareness of significance of Rome as a source of Italian identity and reflect critically on issues related to migration, citizenship and cultural identity in the urban space of Rome.


Commentary exercise 1000 words (20%); Bibliographical research project (20%); Poster (with formative peer-reviewed presentation) (20%); 2500 word essay (40%)




Module Outline