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Materials Made by Students

This page contains materials made by past Warwick students and pupils from their partner schools in the UK and abroad. Each are sorted by topic and are there to give you an idea of what you could produce for your partner school.

Activity on metro travel:
Attractions touristiques et leurs stations de métro [tourist attractions and their metro stations] :
Explications des tickets de métro + images [metro ticket explanations]:

A day trip around Paris :

Gare de la branche Malesherbes [information sheet on Malesherbes train line]

Life and Leisure

School life in France:  

Christmas French texts

Ma Ville en France [my town in France]

Pen Pal Letters

This letter was created by pupils at Holbrook Primary School, Coventry and sent to a partner school in France.

Holbrook letter

This letter was created by a French partner school pupil and sent to a pupil at Holbrook Primary, Coventry.

french class letter

tour eifel