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Postgraduate hardship fund

The School of Modern Languages and Cultures holds a small fund to support students completing postgraduate degrees (taught or by research) whose ability to complete and submit their thesis or dissertation before the end of their formal registration is compromised by financial difficulties. Students who believe they are or will be in this position are recommended to discuss their situation in the first instance with their supervisor, and then, if appropriate, to complete and submit the application form.

The fund is intended for students in the fourth year of PhD research or in the final three months of an MA degree.

I had full funding, fees and maintenance, for my PhD. Am I still eligible to apply to the hardship fund?

Yes, if your funding has ceased or will cease imminently.

How much can I apply for?

The maximum award level is normally 50% of the standard RCUK maintenance grant, for a maximum of three months. Other amounts may be considered in special circumstances. You will be required to explain the amount of funding you need and for what purposes in the application form.

Can I or should I apply for hardship funds from other sources?

Yes, you may apply also to other sources, such as the Graduate School's Thesis Completion Hardship Fund. You will need to specify these in the application form, and include them in your justification of the total amount you are requesting.

When should I submit my application?

There are two deadlines each year, on 15th January and 15th June. You should submit an application at least a month before the need for additional support arises, and you may apply prospectively, e.g. if your funding will expire on 30th September, you may apply by the June deadline. Retrospective applications will not normally be considered.

Where and how should I submit my application?

The application form should be sent by email to the SMLC Director of Graduate Studies, Ingrid De Smet, I dot de-Smet at warwick dot ac dot uk, and to the SMLC administrator, Teresa Forysiak, teresa dot forysiak at warwick dot ac dot uk. If you prefer to submit a printed copy, please hand it in to the SMLC Office (FAB4.05).

I have other circumstances, as well as financial ones, which might prevent me from completing on time. Shall I apply to the hardship fund anyway?

If there are other issues affecting your ability to complete, you may be better advised to seek temporary withdrawal from your course. You should discuss this in the first instance with your supervisor or departmental Director of Graduate Studies.