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Sorbonne Nouvelle-Paris 3 Workshop 10-11 September 2021 - online

Global Gallicisms II
Circulating Frenchness through Mainstream Film and Television

Bilingual Workshop

This workshop took up the same research themes explored in our April 2021 Study Day, but with a particular focus on industry, stardom and language.

Recordings of events are available upon request.

Friday 10th-Saturday 11th September/vendredi 10-samedi 11 septembre 2021
**Central European Summer Time (Heure française)**


14.45 - Welcome

15.00 PANEL A: New French Femininities
Chair: Geneviève Sellier (Université Bordeaux Montaigne)
- Ginette Vincendeau (King’s College London), ‘Grit, Glamour and Gore: Transnational French Femininity in Engrenages/Spiral’ Clip
- Anne Kaftal (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘Camille Cottin : une réappropriation comique de la féminité française à l’heure de la culture post-féministe globalisée’


16.30 – PANEL B: Post-National Genre
Chair: Mary Harrod (University of Warwick)
- Reece Goodall (University of Warwick), ‘Alexandre Aja: A Post-national Genre Auteur?’
- Raphaëlle Moine (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle), ‘Le « Post-national Popular » : nouveau concept, nouvelles pratiques, nouvelles représentations?’

17.30 – End of day/fin de la journée


12.00 PANEL C: Articulating Identities
Chair: Thomas Pillard (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)
- Gemma King (Australian National University), ‘Challenging Norms of Frenchness: Sign Language and National Identity in Multilingual Film’
- Gwénaëlle Le Gras (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), ‘Charlotte Rampling made in France ou le dépassement d’une identité nationale dans une identité transnationale/post-nationale’

13.00-15.00 PAUSE/BREAK

15.00 PANEL D: Post-National Industry Players
Chair: Phil Powrie (University of Surrey)
- David Pettersen (University of Pittsburgh), ‘Netflix’s Lupin and Media Localization in the Age of Global SVoD Platforms’
- Christopher Meir (Universidad Carlos III), ‘Between Cinemas and Streaming: Gaumont (and French Cinema) in the SVOD Era’
- Charlie Michael (Georgia Gwinnett College), ‘Whose Lost Bullet? “French Touch” Action, Cultural Politics and Netflix’ ClipLink opens in a new window


17.00 – ROUND TABLE: Dix pour cent - An Industry Perspective

Chairs: Kira Kitsopanidou et Olivier Thévenin (Université Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle)
Harold Valentin et Aurélien Larger, producteurs de la série Dix pour cent (Mother Production), et Christian Baute, producteur du remake britannique Call my Agent! (Headline Pictures)

Followed by closing remarks/conclusion.

To register your attendance at the event, please email by Wednesday 8th September and look out for a Google Meets invitation before the event.