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Iran and the West

Iran and the West: Converging Perspectives interdisciplinary conference


Introductory speaker – Dr James Hodkinson, the University of Warwick.

Keynote speaker – Prof Ali Ansari, the University of St Andrews.

We cordially invite scholars from diverse fields to contribute towards a wide-ranging interdisciplinary conference which aims to further our understanding of Iranian perceptions of the West and Westerners and Western perceptions of Iran and Iranians, from c. 500 BC until the present day. The aim of this conference is to improve our understanding of Iranian and Western cultural perceptions of the other’s culture, people, and politics, both from popular and elite viewpoints, and the points of convergence and divergence between them.

For further details, and for any questions regarding the themes of the conference, please consult the conference webpage.

For any further clarifications, contact Dr Margaux Whiskin by email at: