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Publications by staff in German Studies

A selection of publications ordered alphabetically by author/editor:

  • German Narratives of Belonging German Narratives of Belonging 
  • FuchsAfter the Dresden Bombing: Pathways of Memory, 1945 to the Present After the Dresden Bombing by Anne Fuchs. In this fascinating book, two things come together in rare combination: an exemplary historical site with the weight of global iconicity and a paradigmatic case study that in its broad range of perspectives and approaches sets new standards for cultural memory studies.
  • HodkinsonDeploying Orientalism in History and Culture: From Germany to Central and Eastern Europe Cover of Deploying Orientalism in Culture and HistoryEdited by James Hodkinson et al. This volume focuses on the deployment – here the cultural, philosophical, political, and scholarly uses – of "orientalism" in the German-speaking and Central and Eastern European worlds from the late eighteenth century to the present day. "This collection is required reading for anyone interested in orientalism, travel writing, and the cultural history of Central and Eastern Europe." Robert Lemon, Associate Professor of German, University of Oklahoma.
  • HodkinsonEncounters with Islam in German Culture and Literature Encounters with IslamEdited by James Hodkinson and Jeff Morrison. This highly topical study examines different forms of encounter between German speakers, Muslims and Islamic culture from the Middle Ages to the contemporary period and contains chapters by international scholars. 'This important essay collection will be an essential reference point for all those examining the increasing presence of Islam within German culture,' Ritchie Robertson in Modern Language Review, April 2011.      
  • SchmitzAutobiografische und historische Krisenerfahrung autobiographie.jpg Edited by Helmut Schmitz and Heinz-Peter Preusser. The volume ' [...] untersucht autobiografische Formen auf die erzählte individuelle Erinnerung von historischen Katastrophen und Krisen hin.' Further, 'Die 18 Beiträge [...] sind in die drei thematischen Sektionen: Das Jahrhundert der Weltkriege, Das Ende der DDR und Gender und Generation aufgeteilt [...] In bemerkenswerter Weise können die Autoren den Zusammenhang zwischen Autobiografie und historischer Krisenerfahrung aufzeigen.' Review by Hans Christian Fromm.
  • SchmitzNarratives of Trauma Narratives of Trauma Edited by Helmut Schmitz and Annette Seidel-Arpaci. 'This volume brings together British, German, Dutch and American scholars from the fields of Cultural Studies, History and Sociology to address the national and international significance of discourses of ‘German wartime suffering’ in post-war and contemporary Germany. The focus of this interdisciplinary volume is both on the historical roots of the ‘Germans as victims’ narratives and the forms of their continuing existence in contemporary public memory and culture.' Find out more at Rodopi.