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Adopt a Class Warwick

The Adopt a Class scheme links pupils in primary and secondary schools with MFL students on their study year Abroad. The student is matched with a school and engages to communicate with teacher(s) and class(es) on regular basis using a range of electronic media (blogs, skype, email, etc...) during their year. The Warwick Adopt a Class scheme asks student to respond to a range of specific needs and aspirations identified by the MFL teacher:

  • materials to enhance delivery of the curriculum
    • realia
    • video and audio resources
    • images
    • online reflections (especially intercultural reflections)
    • target language interventions
  • partnerships with host country schools (where students placed as language assistants)
  • classroom activities

This page will allow teachers and students to find out more about the project and its ambitions. It will also house resources and training materials that will be of use for participants.

Click here to see this year's Adopt a Class introductory presentation, which includes a reflection from one of this year's student ambassadors. (Powerpoint Presentation)

Our objectives

To bring schools and university students together to share the excitement of studying other languages and cultures.

To create, share and curate resources for Key Stages 3, 4, and 5 through the partnerships below

In tune with current national and international trends in MFL learning:

'Learning a foreign language is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures.' (DfE)

'language travels in embodied forms of interaction' (Open World Research Initiative (OWRI) project)

'Think of one collaborative activity that you're doing that you want to extend next year' (René Koglbauer, President of the Association for Language learning)

Our partnershipsdocument1.jpg

Primary and Secondary Schools

The Warwick School of Modern Languages and Culture

The Warwick Centre for Professional Education


Adopt a Class handbook 2017-18 (PDF Document)

Project plan agreement (Word Document)

Online resources for university students and teachers

Tools and techniques for shared language learning

Teaching materials created so far


training 1training 2training 3

CPE training slides: what to look for, how to build resources and advice on making films. (Powerpoint Presentation)

Moodle page on Academic film making (for students only): 

Creating & Sharing Learning Resources - Tutorial

Do this online interactive tutorial (made with H5P) to learn how to create and share digital learning resources for the project. It is best viewed fullscreen (click in the fullscreen.jpg icon at the bottom right of the tutorial panel).

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If you would like to participate:

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School of Modern Languages and Cutures

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Centre for Professional Education

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