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IGSD Honorary Fellows (IHFs)

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IGSD Honorary Fellows: Terms of Reference (ToR) 

1.1 Purpose of this document  

The terms of reference (ToR) define all aspects related to the work of IGSD and its thematic networks and projects. The intended audience of this document is the current and future Honorary Fellows of the IGSDLink opens in a new window.

1.2 IGSD’s Background

The IGSD was launched in 2019, aiming to be at the forefront of knowledge creation that enables transformation towards a more sustainable, prosperous, healthier and just world for all. In 2022 it was relaunched to be the gateway to research for sustainable development across Warwick, working across its three Faculties - Life Sciences, Arts & Humanities and Social Sciences.

It is conceived as a vehicle for shaping the Research pillar of the University’s new University's Sustainability StrategyLink opens in a new window, along with its other components - Education, Operations, and Engagement. In addition, the IGSD aims to grow its own cutting-edge research to be recognised nationally and internationally for excellence in its transformative research.

IGSD structured its activities along the three thematics:Link opens in a new window

IGSD's KPIs for the next five years include:

  • Launch and contribute to the implementation of Warwick's Sustainability StrategyLink opens in a new window
  • Shape research pillar and research culture of sustainable development at Warwick
  • Visualise and engaging with the sustainability research networks across and beyond Warwick
  • Organise an Annual Sustainability Conference (ASC) for scholarly exchange on the thematic challenges to global sustainable development
  • Launch and grow an ECR Sustainability Training SchoolLink opens in a new window (ECR STS) at Warwick and its strategic partners such as EUTOPIA, GUILD, Toronto and Monash.
  • Develop large-scale funding bids, leveraging Warwick’s diverse range of sustainable development scholars
  • Grow policy impact (Sustainability Policy Impact Forum) on sustainable development, locally and internationally, linking community-based co-production of knowledge with the decision-making world.

For more information please visit Institute for Global Sustainable Development ( or contact IGSD Director, Prof. Elena KorostelevaLink opens in a new window (, or IGSD Manager, Rachael KirwanLink opens in a new window ( directly.

1.3 The role of the IGSD Honorary Fellows (IHFs)

The IGSD Honorary Fellows are an independent and distinguished group of experts composed of internationally renowned academic scholars, UK and international policy-makers, members of learned societies, and practitioners with transdisciplinary knowledge and experience, cognisant with the commitment and activities of the IGSD.

The IGSD Honorary Fellows are invited to strategically support the IGSD by:

  • Providing advice and feedback on the IGSD activities, and their development and implementation
  • Offering advocacy and dissemination support for IGSD activities, nationally and internationally
  • Engaging, where possible, with IGSD core activities, e.g. ECR Sustainability Training School Link opens in a new windowto help raise a new generation of responsible and environmentally-aware leaders; Annual Sustainability Conference (ASC) to help define new and strategic directions of research and impact; and future Sustainability Policy Impact Forum (SPIF) – to help contribute to decision-making for a more sustainable future
  • Assisting with expanding and building anew, international networks of effective communities of practice, for impactful research and policy in addressing the UN SDGs and their implementation.

1.4 IGSD IHFs membership  

IGSD Honorary Fellows are appointed by invitation only, for a maximum of 3 years. It is a voluntary position: there is no contractual obligation to underpin their work, and relations are based on mutual interest to collaborate and exchange ideas. It is however understood that a successful and visionary collaboration relies on active participation of all parties.

1.5 IGSD IHFs participation 

Honorary Fellows will meet once a year to hear about the IGSD’s progress and performance. They are also invited to participate where possible in relevant IGSD relevant activities, to comment on all aspects of the IGSD’s development, and to contribute to its dissemination and communication activities.

1.6 ToR Amendment, modification or variation  

This ToR may be amended, varied or modified in writing after consultation and agreement by the Steering Group of the IGSD.

1.7 Contact 

For further information, visit our website Institute for Global Sustainable Development (
TwitterLink opens in a new window
Contact the IGSD Director Prof. Elena Korosteleva [] or the IGSD Manager Rachael Kirwan []