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Your Questions Answered

We recognise that there are barriers to asking about LGBTQUA+ inclusive and queer practice, and are committed to breaking down those barriers. We offer an anonymous question-answering service as part of those efforts.

You might want to ask about:

  • LGBTQUA+ inclusive terminology and language
  • Queer pedagogies, and/or LGBTQUA+ inclusive pedagogies
  • LGBTQUA+ inclusive data collection
  • Supporting LGBTQUA+ staff and students
  • Queering practice

Submit your question here, and it will be answered below within 5 working days wherever possible.

If you prefer to contact the Queering University programme team directly, please use the contact form here or email

Your Questions Answered

What does LGBTQUA+ stand for?

LGBTQUA+ is an acronym used at Warwick to refer to the community of people who identify as one or more of the following:

Elsewhere, you may have seen the community referred to via other similar acronyms, such as LGBT, LGBT+, LGBTQ+, or LGBTQIA+.

You can find an introduction to other ket LGBTQUA+ terms here.