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Wellbeing Pedagogies

** This Learning Circle is currently being considered for transition into a Network**


Led by Elena Riva and Martin Mik this WIHEA learning circle aims to bring together Fellows that are interested in exploring and shaping 'Wellbeing Pedagogies’. The circle will be a space for:
• Sharing practice;
• Thinking at how we can design a whole educational experience, from teaching space, to curriculum, to activities, to reading materials, and to assessment, that supports positive student wellbeing;
• Exploring the existing literature;
• Engaging with the different stakeholders across Warwick University for improving students and staff wellbeing in the teaching and learning environment.

So far...

During May 2020, members of the Learning Circle reviewed its focus and agreed to continue with activities under its four existing areas of interventions, but also identified three new areas to take forward as set out below.

  1. Wellbeing and Governance – How can we ensure our governance structures recognise wellbeing as a key aspect in all we do? Sub-group Lead: Martin Mik
  2. Embedding wellbeing at modular level – Developing the idea of a 'toolkit' that all members of staff would be able to tap into. This would collect examples of applied wellbeing pedagogies from both Warwick and beyond. There is a lot of practice in place, but it is usually done in isolation and colleagues have to go through a painful process of trial and error. This would create a resource all would be able to use and contribute to. Sub-group Lead: Elena Riva
  3. Embedding wellbeing at course/University level – Explore the idea that space should be created in various University processes to consider and reflect on wellbeing of both staff and students, e.g. MA1 form, PDR, TEG. Sub-group Lead: TBC
  4. Wellbeing in the community – How do we make this something that the community owns? How do we ensure that we all, as individuals, look after the wellbeing of others as well as our own? This would be part of the grass roots prong of our approach. Sub-group Lead: Rachel Dickinson
  5. Differential experience of wellbeing for different communities - Finding ways of effectively communicating with and engaging groups within our University community that we (as an Institution, and perhaps also individually) fail to engage at present and whose wellbeing may suffer as a consequence. Work of this group will consider cultural competence and will work with Warwick-specific data. Sub-group Lead: Tiana Holgate
  6. Wellbeing in the context of online Teaching & Learning - This group will consider the wellbeing of students and staff during an institution-wide move to online delivery and as a consequence of online pedagogy and focus. The group will look to collate experience from various departments and make it available to colleagues across the University. Sub-group Leads: Bo Kelestyn and Lauren Schrock
  7. Wellbeing and Postgraduate Research Students - This group will focus on wellbeing and postgraduate research students. Elements of work will include provision for PGRs who teach on wellbeing of their students as well as their own wellbeing as academics. The group will build on existing work considering the wellbeing of Warwick PGRs. Sub-group Lead: Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez

Each sub-group is working on developing and advancing their priorities.

**This Learning Circle is currently being considered for transition into a Network.**
If you are interested in knowing more about Wellbeing Pedagogies, have a look at Elena's Masterclass, Wellbeing in the Teaching and Learning Environment: Pedagogies for the Classroom and Beyond (

Current members of this circle:

Elena Riva (Co-Lead)

Martin Mik (Co-Lead)

Liz Blagrove

Lauren Schrock

David Lees

Bo Kelestyn

Joanne Lee

Louise Gracia

Rebecca Freeman

Rachel Dickinson

Helen Toner

Adam Miller

Tiana Holgate

Ruth Leary

Leticia Villamediana Gonzalez

Nicholas Jackson

Claire Rocks

Sam Parr

Ant Brewerton

Emily Harros