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Computing and Advanced Microscopy Development Unit

CAMDU is home to multiple commercial light microscopes and custom-built systems alongside Wellcome-funded lattice light sheet microscopy and visitor programme (coming soon); computational workstations, software development and petabyte data storage array are also in place.

More information will be added soon. For now, this is a stub page where a link for the Expression of Interest Form exists.


API Deltavision Elite DV1 - McAinsh group

API Personal Deltavision DV2 - Straube group

Nikon Eclipse TE2000-E - Millar group

Nikon Eclipse-Ti - Royle group

Olympus IX71 - Royle group

Andor Revolution - Balasubramanian group

MediaCybernetics EnVision - Mishima group

PerkinElmer UltraView FRAP - Cross/McAinsh/Straube groups

Andor Revolution XD- Balasubramanian group

Olympus TIRF-1 - Mishima group

Olympus TIRF-2 FRAP - Cross/McAinsh/Straube groups

Olympus TIRF-3- Cross/McAinsh/Straube groups


Coming soon


Contact us

Mechanochemical Cell Biology Building
Warwick Medical School
Gibbet Hill Road,
University of Warwick,

Tel: 024 7615 1934
Email: CAMDU at warwick dot ac dot uk


Erick Martins Ratamero

Claire Mitchell