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Bio-Analytical Technology and Innovation Centre

We offer cutting edge instrumentation and technical expertise to support world-class research across all areas of biological science. Whilst this is a set of core technologies jointly created and managed by the School of Life Sciences and the Warwick Medical School, our technologies are also available to researchers in any Warwick department and external partners from industry and academia. Watch our technology highlights video and view more detailed information on our capabilities below.

Advanced Bioimaging

  • Ultrastructural imaging of eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
  • High-resolution imaging of nanoparticles, liposomes and extracellular vesicles
  • Individual particle measurements

Anti-microbial screening

  • Bespoke methods for bacteriology, mycology and virology
  • Drug assessment and development
  • Antimicrobial susceptibility testing

Bioinformatics RTP

  • High-throughput data analyses provided by eight experienced staff members
  • Free one-to-one training in a range of Bioinformatics skills
  • Weekly Bioinformatics Clinics, have your questions and issues addressed on the spot
  • Provision of databases, interactive web-tools, and even mobile phone apps for your projects


  • Fast 5D imaging of live samples
  • Label-free imaging of live samples
  • Manipulation of cells and tissues with light (laser ablation, optogenetics, photo-activation)
  • Development of automated, quantitative image analysis routines

Chromatography and metabolomics

  • Quantification of organic and inorganic compounds
  • Preparative separation of compounds in a mixture
  • Metabolite & lipid identification


  • Elemental and stable isotope analysis of environmental and biological samples
  • Automated determination of dissolved nutrients in environmental samples
  • Greenhouse gas measurements.
  • Trace level detection of atmospheric pollutants

Flow Cytometry

  • Cell population analysis
  • Determining cell characteristics and function
  • Cell sorting
  • Cell population imaging
  • Single cell preparations


  • Next Generation Sequencing Service incorporating sample QC, project-specific library creation and in-house Illumina sequencing.
  • Access to single cell sequencing using 10X Chromium technology.
  • Access to other molecular biology techniques, including training and troubleshooting for end-users.

Horticultural Services

  • Bespoke Phytobiology facility with combined CE and grodome CL2 plant growth space
  • Warwick Crop Centre with field, glass and CE growing spaces, insect rearing, quarantine, pesticide handling unit etc
  • Elizabeth Creak Horticulture Technology Centre
  • Support from skilled Horticultural Services Staff


  • Environmentally controlled time-lapse imaging
  • Deep imaging in tissue slices
  • Simultaneous imaging of multiple wavelengths
  • Accurate 3D models of the specimen

Molecular interactions

  • Label-free Interaction analysis between two molecules
  • Biomolecular binding studies

Proteomics RTP

  • Accurate identification and quantification of proteins
  • Determine components in complex protein mixtures
  • Distinguish protein and peptide isoforms
  • Locate sites of protein modification

Robotics and Bioreactors

  • High-throughput of benchtop protocols
  • High-throughput screens
  • Bioprocess developments
  • Grow cells or tissues with temperature, gas and pH controls

Other Technologies

  • Many of the technologies listed here are available to external higher education and industry clients, through Warwick Scientific Services

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  • Watch our technology highlights video 
  • For enquiries about specific capabilities please use the contact details on the relevant website
  • For other enquiries email Sarah Bennett via