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Claire Bastie



Associate Professor


WMS - Translational Medicine
University of Warwick
Tel: 02476 151 202

Research Interests

The Bastie's laboratory is dissecting the molecular basis of obesity and diabetes utilizing both animal physiology and cellular models. We have uncovered that Fyn tyrosine kinase is a nutrient-sensor regulating whole body energy homeostasis in conditions of excess (obesity) or deprivation (caloric restriction) of nutrient availability. We are now: 1) Exploring how Fyn regulates adipose tissue development and differentiation, also investigating the relevance of Fyn function in obese individuals; 2) Dissecting the connection between Fyn, nutrient-sensing and the control of the circadian clock in skeletal muscle; 3) Examining the role of Fyn in placenta function, focusing on how Fyn relays nutritional signals between mother and foetus.


  • Yamada, Eijiro, Okada, Shuichi, Bastie, Claire C., Vatish, Manu, Nakajima, Yasuyo, Shibusawa, Ryo, Ozawa, Atsushi, Pessin, Jeffrey E., Yamada, Masanobu, 2016. Fyn phosphorylates AMPK to inhibit AMPK activity and AMP-dependent activation of autophagy. Oncotarget, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • Role of Fyn kinase in CRH regulation of energy homeostasis Date of Completion:2016
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