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Dr Eleni Karasouli



Senior Research Fellow


WMS - Warwick Clinical Trials Unit
University of Warwick

Research Interests

Eleni's work is characterised by an interdisciplinary focus (e.g. psychology, health services research, mental health) and aims to address key health issues. Her main interests are in the areas of behavioural and health psychology. Her research concentrates on the use of innovative interventions for improving health and health care systems. This involves understanding and changing behaviour in community and clinical populations.

Main research themes include:

  • developing and evaluating novel methods to monitor and self-manage physical and mental health symptoms
  • exploring risk and protective factors/ behaviours around physical and mental conditions
  • understanding patients' and health care professionals' experiences and decision making processes
  • patient/clinician communication

Key areas include:

  • health behaviours (e.g. eating, physical activity), wellbeing (e.g. resilience, stress, quality of life);
  • behaviour change & maintenance, self-management;
  • user/ patient engagement, adherence to treatment/ therapies (incl. digital tools);
  • trauma & orthopaedics, obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, self-harm/ suicide

Eleni's research work uses a variety of quantitative and qualitative techniques, including randomized controlled trials, epidemiology, large-scale surveys, mixed methods, systematic literature reviews, psychometrics, intervention development and evaluation.


Eleni has conducted, managed and secured funding for a number of projects including:

App-etite: developing a personalised digital intervention designed to reduce emotional eating through changing and maintaining healthy eating behaviour. This is a co-produced, evidence-based intervention, which has been specifically designed to modify emotional eating as an underpinning psychological cause of weight gain.

Digital Communication in Patient-Clinical Communication: investigating the impact of digital, clinical communications on health outcomes for young people with long-term conditions and on their engagement with, and use of, health services.

myGRiST: developing and evaluating e-tools designed to assess risk, and promote self-management and safety for service users with mental health issues and risk of self-harming behaviours. Variations of the online tools are intended for use in both primary and secondary care.

Emergency Cancer Admissions (EURECA): a multi-centre project to: 1) explore the experiences of cancer patients, carers and health professionals involved in emergency admissions to hospital, and 2) inform new models of care to reduce emergency cancer admissions and to improve patient experience following admission.

Suicidal Behaviours & Physical Illness: as part of her PhD studies, Eleni was awarded a University Research Scholarship to explore the role of physical illness in elevating the risk of suicidality. As well as measuring the effect of physical illness on suicide, Eleni explored the mechanisms underlying suicidal behaviours and ideation in chronic illness.


Eleni is a Senior Research Fellow at the Warwick Clinical Trials Unit and a Chartered Psychologist. She joined the University of Warwick as a Postdoctoral Researcher in 2010, and she has held posts in both the Warwick Medical School and the WMG Institute of Digital Healthcare. She gained her PhD in 2010 from the University of Leeds. She also holds an MSc in Health Psychology and a BSc (Hons) in Psychology. She has been teaching and supervising students on both Psychology and Medical courses (undergraduate & postgraduate). She has served as the Editor for the Midlands Health Psychology Network's Newsletter and she is an External Reviewer for a number of journals (e.g. JMIR, BMJ) and funding programmes (e.g. NIHR HTA, RfPB).

Research Projects

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  • Karasouli, Eleni, Owens, David, Latchford, Gary, Kelley, Rachael, 2015. Suicide after non-fatal self-harm : a population case-control study examining hospital care and patient characteristics. Crisis : The Journal of Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention, 36 (1), pp. 65-70, View
  • Buckingham, Christopher D., Adams, Ann, Vail, Laura, Kumar, Ashish, Ahmed, Abu, Whelan, Annie, Karasouli, Eleni, 2015. Integrating service user and practitioner expertise within a web-based system for collaborative mental-health risk and safety management. Patient Education and Counseling, 98 (10), pp. 1189-1196, View
  • Karasouli, Eleni, Adams, Ann, 2014. Assessing the evidence for e-resources for mental health self-management : a systematic literature review. JMIR Mental Health, Volume 1 (Number 1), pp. 1-9, View
  • Karasouli, Eleni, Latchford, Gary, Owens, David, 2014. The impact of chronic illness in suicidality : a qualitative exploration. Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine : An Open Access Journal, Volume 2 (Number 1), pp. 899-908, View
  • Karasouli, Eleni, Adams, Ann, 2014. Assessing the evidence for e-resources for mental health self-management : a systematic literature review. Journal of Medical Internet Research, Volume 1 (Number 1), View
  • Karasouli, Eleni, Owens, David, Abbott, Rachel L., Hurst, Keith, Dennis, Michael S., 2011. All-cause mortality after non-fatal self-poisoning : a cohort study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, Volume 46 (Number 6), pp. 455-462, View

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Post Graduate Supervision

  • PhD: A theory driven and user-centred smartphone app targeting parents for childhood weight management Date of Completion:2016
  • PhD: Understanding parent / child interactions and family mealtimes in the context of clinically obese patients

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