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Communication Skills: Educational Methods & Effective Clinical Practice


Dr Jane Kidd

Dr Mandy Barnett

Duration: 2 x 3 day study blocks


CATS: 20


Develop knowledge and skills in the field of health professional-patient communication and in relation to the teaching of effective health professional-patient communication
  • This course will be of interest to a wide range of health professionals. We anticipate a multidisciplinary group taught in a small group format, involving experiential exercises, small group work and discussion
  • The teaching and learning style is interactive, drawing on knowledge and experience of both the teachers and participants
  • You will work with simulated patients and will conduct a micro teaching session
  • You will receive feedback on your clinical communication and teaching skills from peers and facilitators

More Aims and Learning outcomes

Next Course
  • Wed 27 Jun '18
    Critical Care: Special Incident Management (Day 4)
    September 2017 Onsite Project Submission deadline
    Wed 04 Jul '18
    Critical Care: Special Incident Management (Day 5)
    Mon 09 Jul '18
    09/07 - 13/07: Assessment in Clinical Education - Cohort A02
    Wed 11 Jul '18
    Critical Care: Special Incident Management (CBE day)

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