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Publications - 1996

  • Catechol dioxygenases from Escherichia coli (MhpB) and Alcaligenes eutrophus (MpcI): sequence analysis and biochemical properties of a third family of extradiol dioxygenases. E. L. Spence, M. Kawamukai, J. Sanvoisin, H. Braven, T. D. H. Bugg, Journal of Bacteriology (1996), 178(17), 5249-5256. 
  • Cis-Trans Isomerization of a Cyclopropyl Radical Trap Catalyzed by Extradiol Catechol Dioxygenases: Evidence for a Semiquinone Intermediate. E. L. Spence, G. J. Langley, T. D. H. Bugg, Journal of the American Chemical Society (1996), 118(35), 8336-83
  • Modes of action of tunicamycin, liposidomycin B, and mureidomycin A: inhibition of phospho-N-acetylmuramyl-pentapeptide translocase from Escherichia coli. P. E. Brandish, K.-I. Kimura, M. Inukai, R. Southgate, J. T. Lonsdale, T. D. H. Bugg, Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (1996), 40(7), 1640-1644.
  • Slow binding inhibition of phospho-N-acetylmuramyl-pentapeptide-translocase (Escherichia coli) by mureidomycin A. P. E. Brandish, M. K. Burnham, J. T. Lonsdale, R. Southgate, M. Inukai, T. D. H. Bugg, Journal of Biological Chemistry (1996), 271(13), 7609-14.